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BIZEX POS Systems for NZ and AUS Businesses

The BIZEX POS Point of Sale system is an intuitive, powerful platform developed in-house through consultation with our clients and industry professionals in New Zealand and Australia. This ensures that the features and functionalities of the sales software always support the evolving requirements of the hospitality, leisure, and retail industries. 

At BIZEX, we understand that no two businesses operate exactly the same, so we believe that neither should their point-of-sale systems. This is why our experienced team provides a bespoke system-build to ensure every business gets the right POS system for them. We tailor the best POS setup to meet their specific needs whilst having flexibility for growing requirements, too. This includes the full aesthetic customisation, as well as the entire POS hardware and software setup.

What is a POS system? 

One of the most vital tools for retailers, a point-of-sale system is a comprehensive setup that allows businesses to properly manage all sale transactions. It includes the sale hardware and software needed to process payments (cash, credit/debit cards, and mobile payments), record sales, manage stock levels, generate receipts, and more. Not only are mobile POS systems essential for day-by-day retail vending, but they also provide useful business insights that you can take advantage of to grow your company.

How much do point of sale systems in NZ / AUS cost? 

The prices of cloud-based POS systems in NZ and AUS encompass POS hardware, software, and installation fees. As BIZEX’s quality products are customised to be ideal for every business’s needs, the system price will vary. Our team will offer a personalised quote at competitive rates during the initial consultation, so contact us to learn more about your sales and EFTPOS solutions today.

Why choose BIZEX as your POS software provider?

BIZ POS Pricing

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We know ​BIZEX POS delivers speed and power for businesses. It is:


Built to adapt to your specific retail workflows with a range of point-of-sale features to match the needs of your business

Fast to Serve

Streamlined user functions so patrons receive great service quickly

Eftpos Integrated

Seamlessly compatible with all major EFTPOS terminals and mobile EFTPOS platforms in the New Zealand and Australia market

Offline Mode

When connectivity fails, your point of sale system is as reliable as ever


Fast view of all key retail metrics by staff, customers, time, and budget

Unlimited Reports

A range of reporting in both POS and Accounts

Live to Accounts

Sends all accounting data to company accounts in real-time

Support at your fingertips

The POS system features a helpful user guide to support you

The BIZEX POS enjoys live relationships with enterprise accounting systems including Accredo, MYOB EXO and MYOB Advanced.

Streamlined user functionality

Quick Access Product Panel allows you to create custom buttons to quickly access the most popular items to streamline checkouts. Configure once and it's ready to use across all stores.
Shortcut Keys can customise shortcuts, allowing you to make checking out quick and efficient.
Records can be searched by Product or Customer. It's easy to find products by scanning an item or searching by keywords. Look up customers quickly by entering their names or scanning their unique ID tags.
Discounts can be conveniently added during the point of sale, either as a combination of all or some items or individually. You can also mix and match different types of price promotions and have discounts applied automatically at checkout.
Customised Receipts and Invoices can be set up so that your business logo and other brand information are ever-present. Easily print or email them after a sale.
Labels for stock can be directly printed from the sales point software and placed on the physical products.

Improved customer experience

Multiple sale tabs allow you to pause a sale while providing service to other customers and then resume as needed.
Vouchers and Gift Card options are available, the ideal solutions to enhance brand awareness and attract new patrons.
Customer Loyalty System lets you create deeper connections by easily adding new customer accounts on the spot and allowing them to accrue and spend loyalty points.
Layby and On-account offer your customers a flexible sale solution by making partial payments or purchasing on-account.
Split payments between multiple customers using multiple payment methods including cash and EFTPOS.

Business analytics

We have built reliable customised reports that support retailers with useful insights into spending, profits, and growth for your business. We also offer the benefit of creating an extensive range of custom point-of-sale reporting tailored to your specific needs.

Full integration with your ERP system

Provides a range of real-time information as point-of-sale transactions are captured across your stores. These include:

  • Customer balances
  • Customer credit limits
  • Stock information and maintenance
  • Pricing
  • Sales data

Get in touch now to learn how BIZEX point of sale systems can propel your business forward

Find the right solution for your business’s point of sale needs in New Zealand or Australia with BIZEX. Get in touch with our team to receive your complimentary personalized quote and let us answer any questions you have about the BIZEX POS system. For more services and solutions to run your retail or hospitality business, view our BizPay cloud payroll platform and custom applications.
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